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Richard P. Brent.
Factorization of the tenth and eleventh Fermat numbers.
February 1996.

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Abstract: We describe the complete factorization of the tenth and eleventh Fermat numbers. The tenth Fermat number is a product of four prime factors with 8, 10, 40 and 252 decimal digits. The eleventh Fermat number is a product of five prime factors with 6, 6, 21, 22 and 564 decimal digits. We also note a new 27-decimal digit factor of the thirteenth Fermat number. This number has four known prime factors and a 2391-decimal digit composite factor. All the new factors reported here were found by the elliptic curve method (ECM). The 40-digit factor of the tenth Fermat number was found after about 140 Mflop-years of computation. We discuss aspects of the practical implementation of ECM, including the use of special-purpose hardware, and note several other large factors found recently by ECM.
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